Server Information

Client: 12 -
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Location: Europe
PVP Protection: Level 20. You will not be able to participate in PVP until you reach level 20.
Exp stages: 1 - 50 level, 50x
51 - 100 level, 40x
101 - 150 level, 30x
151 - 200 level, 20x
201 - 250 level, 10x
251 - 300 level, 5x
301 level, 2x
Skill Rate: 40x
Magic Level Rate: 18x
Loot Rate: 2.5x
Houses: There are currently 1586 houses available to be bought. There is no monthly rent, but if your character has been offline for more than 30 days you will lose your house due to inactivity. To buy house, stand in front of the houses door and say !buyhouse Level to buy house: 150
Frags: Not configured yet
Bless: !bless costs x1 Christmas Token(s), this prevents any loss on death